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Vita-Mix (200ml)

Vita-Mix (200ml)

SKU: 103-053

Vitamix is a supplement with various vitamins keeping the fish’s health condition. It also relieves the stress the fish feel right after being released in the aquarium tank.

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ADA Vita-Mix- The natural water that is home to fish and aquatic plants contains various dissolved organic compounds including vitamins which contribute to fish’s health and growth of beneficial bacteria. Organic compounds in tap water are removed during water treatment process and this makes a big difference between tap water and natural water in terms of water quality, which is significant to fish and beneficial bacteria. The new Vita-Mix replenishes vitamins which are scarce in tap water to reproduce the quality of natural water. Applying Vita-Mix to tap water to be added to the tank during water change makes the tap water closer to natural water and relieves stress of fish, resulting in prevention of fish diseases and healthy body color of fish. Vitamins also activate the functions of beneficial bacteria in the filter. It is recommended to apply ADA Vita-Mix during the initial setup phase where fish are not yet added to the aquarium. The new ADA Vita-Mix is easier to apply with its push-type nozzle. Try applying ADA Vita-Mix together with Chlor-Off at every water change!