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Solar RGB (C plug)

Solar RGB (C plug)

SKU: 108-038

  • Attractive light colour
  • Promotes optimal plant growth
  • approx. 9.000 – 12.000 Kelvin light temperature
  • Suspended lamp of a very high quality
  • With 160 RGB LEDs
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The ADA Solar RGB represents the latest generation of ADA Solar lamps. Its simple and excellent design fits into any home decor. 160 RGB LEDs are installed in Solar RGB and one single unit is powerful enough to grow healthy aquatic plants in a 90cm aquarium. (Power consumption: 130W) Also the light emitting face has been enlarged and a diffuser cover has been installed to enhance the light uniformity, which enables aquatic plants to grow beautifully and evenly.

Color temperature / Around 9,000γ€œ12,000K
The color temperature of light coming out from Solar RGB is approx. 9,000-12,000K. This result concludes the fact that blue light is contained most in the wavelength. The blue light is highly permeable and it promotes the photosynthesis of aquatic plants and produces the water’s transparency.

LED lifetime / Over 30,000 hours
Solar RGB provides stable performance for long periods by the nature of LEDs which is suitable for long-term use. There is no need for an annual replacement of the lighting unit such as fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps, this advantage leads to low-running cost for long-term use.

Suppressing increase of water temperature
LEDs hardly give off heat compared to other lights such as fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps, therefore Solar RGB has capability of suppressing increase of water temperature especially in summer time. Furthermore, the lighting unit of Solar RGB is superior in releasing heat and generating minimum heat due to the ballast being apart from the unit itself.

Can be mounted to Solar I Stand, Solar II Stand and the Grand Solar Stand.

Housing colour: metallic grey
160 RGB LEDs
With an external ballast
With euro-plug
130W power consumption
3000 – 3500 Lumen luminous flux
approx. 9.000 – 12.000 Kelvin light temperature
over 30,000 hours LED lifetime
0 – 35Β°C Operating temperature
Compatible with all Solar Stands
Width 43 cm
Length 28 cm
Height 6,4 cm
Connection Cord Length approx. 4,75 m
Hanging Wire length Approx. 1 m each
Weight 2,6 kg
External ballast
Width 21 cm
Length 9 cm
Height 6,5 cm
Power Cord approx. 2 m
Weight 1,5 kg