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Pro-Pinsettes Grip type L

Pro-Pinsettes Grip type L

SKU: 106-067

The initial planting is a very important process that has to be done precisely and delicately. In particular, in the Nature Aquarium, which is an attempt to create Nature within the aquarium, the importance of planting, comes first. ADA Pinsettes are designed solely for the planting of aquatic plants with the best utility. Meticulously hand-made for accurate joint of the fingers and the optimal hardness of the spring based on thorough research on human technology. Available in 3 sizes to apply to all kinds of aquatic plants or purposes.

They are suitable pinsettes for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus. The tip part is wider and thicker than normal Pinsettes and it can hold the plant stems tightly as grip on the tip is wider. Please select according to your preference depending on the shape of aquatic plants.

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • With extra wide grip for better hold
  • Holds even delicate plants safely
  • Comfortable pressure point for effortless work
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