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Green Brighty Mineral (300ml)

Green Brighty Mineral (300ml)

SKU: 103-040

  • Liquid trace elements fertilizer for planted aquariums
  • Enhances healthy growth and brilliant colours
  • For daily use
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ADA Green Brighty Mineral is a liquid fertilizer supplying trace elements to planted aquarium. Insufficient trace elements affects the formation of new buds and pigment synthesis of aquatic plants, and can cause poor leaf color and poor plant growth. Daily application of ADA Green Brighty Mineral to the aquarium improves these problems and promotes healthy growth of aquatic plants.

The new Green Brighty series allows you to supply nutrients whenever required. In the initial set up period to 2 months, GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K (or BRIGHTY K) and GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL (contained well-balanced trace elements) are recommended. After 2-3 months from the initial set up, add GREEN BRIGHTY IRON which contains more iron that helps to promote the growth of aquatic plants.