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Aridarum Mini Blue

Aridarum Mini Blue


  • Blue to dark green hues in leaves once established
  • Thrives in low-tech and high-tech setups
  • Can be attached to almost any aquarium dĂ©cor
  • Perfect for shrimp and nano tanks
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Aridarum Mini Blue is a species closely related to Bucephalandra that differs mainly by flower type with needle-like leaves and a waxy texture!

Aridarum Mini Blue (Aridarum sp. “Mini Blue”) is from a genus in close relation to bucephalandra and is part of the Family Araceae. This plant resembles rosemary it its leaf shape and coloration and is a very hardy plant that is adaptable. It requires only low to moderate lighting and can thrive in a variety of water parameters. With proper care, Aridarum Mini will grow at a slow to moderate rate. The care of Aridarum plants is similar to Anubias, Buce, and Cryptocoryne species. Also, like Anubias, and Buce plants Aridarum plants are rhizome plants that attach and grow on hard surfaces. This plant attaches particularly well to rocks, but can also grow very well on driftwood and other surfaces. If the rhizome is buried, it is prone to rot. Aridarum can be propagated by cutting the rhizome and attached to driftwood and rocks using Epic Plant Glue or DOOA Terra Line.

In addition to its attractive appearance, Aridarum Mini provides a valuable refuge for aquarium animals, especially dwarf shrimp, nano fish, and fry. With proper care, Aridarum Mini can easily flourish and grow to become a major centerpiece of the planted aquarium give proper time!

We recommend to put Aridarum into already cycled aquariums. It is best to leave the plants in peace so they can grow. Sudden changes of parameters may lead to shedding of leaves, normally, however, the plants regrow slowly and produce new shoots on the rhizome. Aridarums are easily propagated by cutting terminal and side shoots that also promotes the ramification of the plant.