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ADA Cube Garden 180-P 180×60×60 – GD6

Tank Dimensions: ADA Cube Garden 180-P (180×60×60)
Light: ADA Solar RGB
Light: ADA RGB Shade
Layout: Garden Matt 180x60
Filtration: ADA Super Jet Filter ES1200 with glass pipe set
Co2 System: Strideway Pro Co2 Regulator
Co2 Accessories: Co2 High Pressure pipe PS-UT20
Co2 Accessories: ADA Clear Parts Set
Co2 Accessories: ADA Pollen Glass Beetle 50
Co2 Accessories: ADA Twist Counter

Substrates System:
- Clear Super
- Tourmaline BC
- Bacter 100
- Power Sand Advance L
- Aquasoil Amazonia Ver.2

- Manten Rock

- Glossostigma Elatinoides
- Eleocharis Montevidensis

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